Gluten-Free Basic Bread 

(Quick-Rise Yeast Included)

This batter-style bread is a soft and tender bread that has a bakery-style top crust and will become a family favourite, especially Cinnamon Bread when toasted.

Adding flaxseed meal to the Basic Bread Mix enriches the loaf to provide extra fibre and nutrients. 

Dinner Rolls are prepared in a standard muffin pan and make a lovely addition to any meal. 

Cinnamon Buns are infused with a sprinkle of sugar-cinnamon and iced with a glazed frosting.

Use immediately or freeze portions for later use. If portions appear dry, heat in microwave briefly, and they will return to original texture. 

Mix Makes One Variation

          Makes 1 Loaf or 12 Dinner Rolls or 12 Cinnamon Buns

          To prepare Sandwich Bread, Flaxseed Bread or Cinnamon                      Bread, you will need to use a 4-1/2 x 8-1/2 inch loaf pan.

       To prepare 12 Dinner Rolls or 12 Cinnamon Buns you will need 

                           to use a standard 12-cup muffin pan.


Sandwich Bread

Dinner Rolls

Cinnamon Buns

Flaxseed Bread

Cinnamon Bread


canola or vegetable oil, 

and large egg

For different variations ...

 flaxseed meal, sugar-cinnamon mixture, 
icing sugar & milk, raisins


Hi Elly, I just purchased (October/2019) GF Bread Mix and was a hit at our Thanksgiving dinner. Two in our family need to be GF and they were delighted with how delish and moist it was. I am going to try your other offerings soon. Great product!!

Warmly, Lynne - Picton ON 

Hello Elly. None of my recipes come near the flavour and texture of your Gluten Free Bread Mix.  I’ve referred a number of people to your site for mixes. How has your business been these days? Have you been able to keep it up and running? 

Patricia L.